Can I make money doing this?

CX Markets provides access to the CX Futures Exchange, L.P. weather market to allow you to trade the results of different weather events. Some events are large (like Tropical Storm Landfalls), others are smaller (like the accumulation of Snow on a particular day), but the overall objective is to allow you to either hedge financial risk that you may incur based upon weather events, or speculate on the weather.

Weather has a tremendous impact on the economy. Everyone is familiar with the effects of severe weather, but even relatively mild weather changes can affect personal consumer preferences and business prospects in a profound way. Weather variations and outcomes have always been a factor in markets such as Energy and Commodities, and they often affect the performance of large public companies as well.  At CX Markets you can put your weather knowledge to the test and engage in direct financial trading based on various weather events. If you think rain, snow or temperature variations can affect your commute, or the revenue of your small business or the timely completion of construction or the delivery of crucial merchandise you can hedge the mere possibility of these events. You can also trade to see how accurately you can predict the weather at major population centers around the U.S.

To help you understand better the market mechanics, this explanation walks through some examples of trading scenarios in Daily Rainfall contracts:

How do I win on a trade?
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How Do I Make Profitable Trades?

Profitable trades are winning trades, which means the payout is greater than the price paid.

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How Do I Make a Daily Snow Trade?

Check our Daily Snow Quick Start Guide here

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Weather Market Whitepapers

We have produced a number of whitepapers which can help you understand the trading interface and the weather market better

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