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CX Markets provides access to the CX Futures Exchange, L.P. weather market to allow you to trade the results of various weather events. Some events are large (like Tropical Storm Landfalls), others are smaller (like the accumulation of Snow on a particular day). But overall CX Markets is intended to allow you either to hedge financial risk that you may incur based upon weather events, or to speculate on the weather.

There are no special requirements or limitations, and most importantly unlike in most other financial markets you do not need to find a broker.

Just sign up online and if approved you can start trading in mere minutes. CX Futures Exchange currently offers an incentive program that provides an educational credit of $10. Once you open a new CX trading account, you will receive $10 in your account that can be used to try trading immediately. Go to our explanation of the $10 educational incentive program for more details.

Once your trading account is opened, you can go to the trading section of the website to purchase contracts on Daily Snowfall, Daily Rainfall, High Daily Temperature, Low Daily Temperature, or Seasonal Snowfall for any of 86 cities across the U.S. for up to 7 days out in the future, or to purchase contracts on the U.S. landfall location for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, all for as little as $1.00 (plus exchange fees).

If you want to open a CX trading account for your business, please download and fill out the corporate application form.

Note: Currently CX Futures Exchange L.P.  accepts participant applications only from U.S. residents.

Educational Pages
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Profitable trades are winning trades, which means the payout is greater than the price paid.

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