CX Markets provides access to the CX Futures Exchange, L.P. weather market to allow you to trade the results of different weather events. Some events are large (like Tropical Storm Landfalls), others are smaller (like the accumulation of Snow on a particular day), but the overall objective is to allow you to either hedge financial risk that you may incur based upon weather events, or speculate on the weather.

  1. Can I make money doing this?

You could wish to trade to hedge against the impact of adverse weather, to speculate, or just because you like predicting the weather. Regardless, CX Markets connects you to trading on the CX weather markets, which is a real-money live trading market regulated by the US government.

  1. Who is this for?

Any resident of the United States of America can open an account and start trading the weather.

  1. How can I try this?

Just open an account and start trading in minutes.

  1. What do you mean by “Receive $10 to trade now”?

Exactly as we say it – open an account and we will give you $10 to try out trading using the CX Markets website. Any settlement payments on your trades are yours to keep.

  1. Where can I verify the weather measurements?

Check out  the list of relevant NWS stations and web sites.

  1. Understanding the weather measurements.

What reports we use and how to read them.

  1. The case of Trace for either Rain or Daily Snow.

What happens when the reports show “T” or Trace.

  1. How are the measurements of Snow and Rain related to each other?

Understanding the how the different contracts are settled.


  1. Active trader incentives. Benefit from your active participation in the marketplace.

Active traders can get volume based incentives and save on fees.


  1. How is this trading and not betting?

Understanding the commercial application of the weather contracts and how they can be used to offset weather risk.

Education Pages
How Do I Make Profitable Trades?

Profitable trades are winning trades, which means the payout is greater than the price paid.

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How Do I Make a Daily Snow Trade?

Check our Daily Snow Quick Start Guide here

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Weather Market Whitepapers

We have produced a number of whitepapers which can help you understand the trading interface and the weather market better

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