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I hope you are doing well with everything that is going on around us in this world. Let’s just take it one day at a time. Today is another beautiful summer day. We are getting close to the anniversary of the hottest day in KC’s history, and we will discuss that in tomorrow’s blog entry. For now, temperatures will again likely stay below 90 degrees. It has yet to be 95° at KCI Airport this summer. We are underneath high clouds from the tops of old thunderstorms. They are slowly dissipating, and the sun is coming out. Look at how the sky looked earlier today:

RainbowSunny.jpgThis picture shows Rainbow (explaining to Sunny how nice it was this morning) and Sunny The Weather Dog doing her pose trick. I say pose, and they will sit there for minutes while I take pictures. In the background you can see the dark clouds. There were thunderstorms around 75 miles to the west and southwest earlier today. The anvils, or tops of these thunderstorms spread across our sky, and they are now falling apart as the thunderstorms are gone. This picture was taken out at Loose Park.

A Weak Cold Front This Weekend:

Friday will be similar to today, and then a cold front will move through Friday night or early Saturday morning. This will bring lower humidity and a north wind. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms along and ahead of the front as it moves through Friday night, so we will go in-depth tonight on 41 Action News and see what the new data shows. Saturday and Sunday are now looking like the cooler days.

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Today: Sunshine will filter through high clouds. The wind will be out of the east to southeast at a light 5-10 mph. High: 86°
  • Tonight: Clear & mild. Light to calm winds. Low: 69°
  • Friday: Mostly Sunny & nice. It will be a bit warmer with winds under 10 mph again. High: 88°
  • Friday Night: There is a 30% chance of thunderstorms. The wind will shift to the north by morning. Low: 67°
  • Saturday: Expect sunshine with lower humidity. The wind will be out of the north at around 10-15 mph. High: 83°

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience and spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog. Have a great Thursday.


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  • David McGuire says:

    Boring weather just like it should be, its August. Dog days of summer.

  • Urbanity says:

    Gary, there are some Topeka meteorologist calling for lows in the 40’s next week? I think you said the LRC would indicate a heat wave in mid August, what do you make of the cooler air potential?

    • Gary Lezak says:

      I think it will be in the middle to upper 50s. The 40s will be moving through the Great Lakes states. These are low temperatures. The heat wave potential part of the pattern is happening now, and it is not moving into our area. Texas and Oklahoma are in more of the direct path of this heat. So, for KC, to not get up to 95 all summer is just incredible. We have around four to five more weeks where 95 would still be possible, but right now we have two cold fronts coming our way.

      • Weatherby Tom says:

        When was the last summer where we never reached 95?

        • Jason Jackson says:

          Trevor, between 8/28 and 8/30 should offer up a very good chance of rain based on the LRC. Go back ~58 days (the cycle length) from these dates and it has always produced in each cycle for KC. All credit goes to Gary for knowing this. Not trying to speak on behave of Gary. Just in case he wasn’t able to respond. Seems fair to assume based on the history of this years pattern that this should happen.

  • Urbanity says:

    Yeah that’s pretty amazing. A lot of factors go into that but we really have had quite a few fronts come through and I think if I remember right that was the trademark of this LRC.

  • Trevor Anderson says:

    Gary, based on the LRC do you see any good chances of rain showing up in the next couple of weeks?

    • Hume Dude says:

      Brother, It might not rain until Sept if the last model runs are correct. 6Z GFS showed a decent front and rain around the 25th, nothing much until then! Quite a dry stretch coming up

      • Gary Lezak says:

        We are reliving June. Remember? The models did the same thing, and they were mostly accurate. It was a dry month, and then July happened, so there is big hope for September.

      • Trevor Anderson says:

        Thanks, beans are setting pods now so was hoping we could catch a rain or two in the next couple of weeks, thinking Sept might be a little too late