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Today is the anniversary of the hottest day in Kansas City’s Recorded History:  113° in 1936.  Here is the blog I wrote for KSHB: Action Weather Blog

Have a great day.  A cold front will move through tonight, but the thunderstorms will likely be hit and miss.


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  • Hume Dude says:

    Nice front. Storms will fire on its eastern flank, wester flank, but big hole for 100 miles on either side of state line like has been happening quite a bit this year. Ready for new pattern, this one has ben wholly frustrating since middle of May. I mean, not one tornado watch? Western Kansas getting rains? I fully expect cats and dogs to be getting along any time now

  • Weatherby Tom says:

    You can see the line of tstorms just beginning west of Omaha and Lincoln, be nice if they can make it here later

  • J H says:

    Ref the number of summers with max temps less than 95 (since 1888).

    1889 – max was 92
    1906 – max was 93
    1908 – max was 94
    1915 – max was 90
    1979 – max was 94
    1992 – max was 93