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Look at this video from the Today Show this morning:

They had updated information three hours earlier that clearly stated that Marco was weaker, and the winds were adjusted way down, and yet they did not update this news that went out to the public.  This happens all of the time.  As we know, the weather is always changing.  You can imagine how so much of what is discussed on the news from all sources can be dated and inaccurate.

As Marco turns northwest and west, it may make landfall, or stay just off shore.  It will be close.  The attention is now being focused on Laura:

Regardless of the track, as we saw earlier this year with Cristobal, the curving to the northeast of this system will likely curve too much to have significant impacts on the KC region.  More tomorrow.


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  • Hume Dude says:

    We need rain badly on a regional level, soybeans are blooming and its just powdery dry out there! Looks like these tropical systems may bring an isolated shower which is heck of a lot more action that we’ve had lately, I also worry that we will be on the edge where the subsidence is taking place and it might even screw up our next front as a result. Again, when entrenched in a dry/drought pattern like this, everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong and that’s what’s going on here. I know Gary disagrees but to me this is no doubt the la Nina beginning to affect the morph stage into this next LRC. We can agree to disagree about the morphing, but lets make a gentleman’s bet that the next LRC is going to be dry if not drought stricken due to the effects of the moderate la Nina taking shape. Sometimes its just that easy, I cannot remember a wet la Nina year maybe average precip at best.

  • Mike H says:

    I agree. It was clear the sheering was going to have an substantial effect on the Storm—upper level flow beat out mid-level flow thus steering more eastward with the bulk of rainfall Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Laura looks to be protected by the ridge that’s building in the gulf. Hopefully we can get some moisture from this track, likely hitting Houston or NO.

  • Weatherby Tom says:

    Will it ever rain in Kansas City again???

  • Snow Miser says:

    Since the weather news around here is slow aside from the dryness, I thought I’d drop a couple of miscellaneous ramblings and see if anyone else has noticed the same or similar weird things in nature going on this year:

    1. This is the first year I’ve lived in this house in 4 years that I’ve had absolutely no mushrooms in my yard. None. I even went to the Burr Oak Woods conservation area, and there are some signs along one of the trails explaining about the species of mushrooms growing next to the sign, but there were no mushrooms there at all. I’m not sure I’ve seen a mushroom anywhere at all this spring and summer.
    2. Somewhere in July, the Robins in my neighborhood have disappeared. I think I’ve seen maybe 2 in the last month-and-a-half. Normally they’re the most common bird around me, even in the summer. Driving around other neighborhoods near me, I don’t think I’ve seen many – or any – there, either. Have no idea what happened to them, but they seem to have disappeared. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the dryness either, because they disappeared before it started getting dry.

  • Mr. Pete says:

    I had been getting errors trying to log into the blog for a while. Said that the site was down for maintenance. Anyone else get this error?

    • Heat Mizer says:

      Yes, pretty much every time I try to sign in

    • Kaden says:

      Not sure if this works on pc, but on mobile, most times if you just open the page again after you get the maintenance message, it works.

  • Three7s says:

    Any chance of Laura going further west and impacting the KC Metro? I know Hume would love the drink of water!