Good morning bloggers,

I will be moving my blogging back to the KSHB site and our great discussion of the past 20 years will be going through a transition.  This site is going to be ending soon, and I will put my efforts into blogging with our weather team at KSHB every day.  I know many of you have been with me and the blog since it’s beginning.  And, I want to thank you for your loyalty.   Weather2020 has some big changes coming in the next month as well, some very good developments as we share the LRC technology with the world.

While Tropical Storm Laura intensifies today, look for my blogging on and any discussion through social media outlets.  Have a great day!  As many of you do realize, these tropical storms have a predictability from weeks and months ago, almost a year ago this one had some indications of happening this week.  It really is incredible and we will be sharing more and more with the world through  Watch closely in the next month for a platform that some of you may want to participate in.

Have a great day!


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  • Mike H says:

    Well I sensed this coming—don’t blame you for swing for the fences on trading weather, you put your heart and soak into it.

    • Gary Lezak says:

      It was a platform to move the LRC blog to, and to eliminate the negativity in the comments section. As you know, we have some big things ahead of us and we will be sharing more through and other platforms. It has been a long 35 years from discovery to success!

    • Willy Wallace says:

      Gary, will there be comments allowed on the KSHB blog? I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to leave passive aggressive comments towards you when it doesn’t rain. Joking, kind of at least. Mostly enjoy reading the comments and seeing what others in the region are experiencing. Of course the 20” snowfall maps that get posted are always cool to look at even though they never verify.

  • Brian Watson says:

    Take care and thank you for providing us with an inside look at the weather world. I mostly like to read around winter time in hopes that a good snow storm is close, but I pop in out of curiosity from time to time. Other than wishing we had a couple more snow storms this year; it has been an amazing weather year. Cool, less humid and as good as I can remember since I moved here 25 years ago.

    • Gary Lezak says:

      I know this pattern has had its moments, but for the KC region, this may be the calmest most quietest year ever. The new LRC sets up in five weeks, so, hopefully next year’s pattern will increase the level of exciting weather events in our region.

      • Nicholas Rau says:

        The ironic thing is for us in St. Joe, it doesn’t feel that way, we had wind storms last fall, lots of wet “slush” events and a moderate ice storm in the winter, then some big wind events this spring, then two damaging wind thunderstorms this summer that did heavy damage in town, then in July we had multiple flash flooding events, we have calmed down in August, but overall it kind of felt wild locally.

      • Brian Watson says:

        Yes it may have been boring to watch from indoors but if you were outside it was amazing weather. Spring and fall are my favorite and they lasted a while this year.

  • Snow Miser says:

    Are we going to be able to comment on the KSHB blog? Or is it going to be the same as the current KSHB blog?

  • Urbanity says:

    I feel for the people out west, the drought is getting extreme and the fires keeping raging. Many get started intentionally I am sure. Hopefully Kansas will be spared from the drought creeping into the state, the strength in La Nina will go a long way in determining that. Weak La Nina’s have a history of decent winter season precipitation so maybe we’ll get lucky that way, but a mod-strong La Nina has a strong history of less than average precipitation, around 80% chance if my memory serves me right. Then the LRC, will the centerpiece buck the historical trend or does the trend reflect more weight than the LRC?

    Gary you’re the man, not sure what the future weather blogging for you and us looks like, if any, but regardless of the negative and political comments this has been a fun group to weigh in on. MAGA baby!

  • Weatherby Tom says:

    My last measurable rain was Aug 9th, here at Weatherby weather station. 16 days ago. How long do you think until the next decent rain chance?

  • Heat Mizer says:

    Hopefully you can monitor the KSHB weatherblog as you do this one…so that trolls dont get in and we can still comment.

  • Kaden says:

    This is exciting! I’d love to see a return to the blog of the past when it was on your own site, Gary. The discussions there were great. I still reminisce about the days before a snowstorm when there were hundreds of comments. Hopefully we can see something similar again in the future! On a side note, the doubters will always be there, skepticism is always apart of new things, but ultimately makes the product better in the long run. Anyways, I look forward to seeing what the future brings for you and your technology!

  • Steve Huff says:

    I agree with the request to leave comments – there’s a lot of great discussion here during active weather days. I do understand the need to figure out a way to keep it civil and will keep my fingers crossed for a solution. Thanks for all you do, Gary!

  • Hume Dude says:

    Not a goodbye, just a see ya later to all the blog friends. Just like any collection of free people, our views range far and wide. Lets never let that come between friendship and least forget that simple things like the weather have always been the easiest topic to break the ice with any fellow human beings

  • Dan Tiefel says:

    Looking forward to the blog being back on Weather 2020. It is a shame this platform didn’t work out for you. Has any of your national weather colleagues noticed that you predicted Laura nearly spot on months ago?

    • Gary Lezak says:


      I may tweet something soon about it. My peers will understand the predictability at a future date. We have a software being developed that will be ready in the new LRC, that will get their attention.

      • Gary Lezak says:

        Someone on Twitter said the usual thing, “I would love to be a believer in the LRC, but give dates and locations before they set up. Please.” Oh dear, like we haven’t seen this type of message from new people many times.

        • Kaden says:

          Perhaps these comments will diminish once the LRC is created into a model/software system. This way you have something a bit more tangible to back up your predictions. However, I do have to say that for those that don’t follow you as closely as we do on this blog, they may not see your predictions because they are mainly communicated here, on the blog. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be neat if you posted your predictions/thoughts on major events via a separate twitter page dedicated to the LRC so it’s all in one place/“made official”.

          • Gary Lezak says:


            We are developing rather robust software utilizing our LRC model. So, that arrives this fall, and it will be available for customers. I think it will be quite impressive, as we have spent a lot of time developing this system. We will be posting our forecasts and marketing them, once we have it set up!!!

  • Roger Stull says:

    I have recorded 0.24 inches this month. Others have had it worse. Some parts of south-central and southeast Kansas are running 6+ inch rainfall deficits in the last 90 days!

    Chanute, KS (Since June 1st):
    Average: 13.29 inches
    Actual: 3.64 inches
    Deficit: 9.65 inches!!!!

  • Frankie says:

    FOr those of you who still would like to communicate and discuss with each other about the LRC, we could go about creating a blog site to talk temporarily until Gary figures something out. Let me know if anyone will be interested

    • Kaden says:

      We actually have a group already on reddit called kcregionalwx. Check it out if you like. Daily blog posts are made by the creator.

  • Jack Lind says:

    Been a follower of this blog for over a decade with a goal in mind to one day become a meteorologist, and now, that is finally coming true for me! I attribute so much of my passion to following you, Gary, and your writings. Glad we have been able to meet up over the past few years– looking forward to the future!!


  • Mr. Pete says:

    So if I understand this correctly, the blog is moving back to 41, but no comments will be allowed there. Rather, once it gets back to WX 2020, we will be able to comment there??

    Mr. Pete