Independent Meteorologists

providing original forecasts

We’ve brought professional Meteorologists from around the country to provide Weather forecasts to improve your trading strategies

Gary Lezak
Independent Meteorologist
Steven DiMartino
NYNJPA Weather
Independent Meteorologist
Wx Risk Global
Independent Meteorologist
Jim Roemer
Best Weather Inc. / ClimatePredict®
Independent Meteorologist

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Top Meteorologists Providing Original Forecasts

A verified list of only qualified, professional Meteorologists to provide you with forecasts in their area of expertise.

Forecasts Aligned with Weather Market Opportunities

Only forecasts for tradable locations and dates in the CX weather markets are provided – your search ends here.

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Optimize Your Trading Strategies

Everyone has their own opinions on where the market will move – but meteorological forecasts from the experts may help you inform your trading strategies. Adjust your positions based on the latest weather forecasts and stay ahead of the storm.

Forecasts from the Experts

We select Meteorologists who are active and engaged with their audiences. Connect with professionals that will provide insights into upcoming weather events.