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Lots on our plate after last night’s blog. Let’s tackle some updates!

Dallas North of 90

I was on pins & needles about next Monday’s cool front sliding through the metroplex, but now it appears it may wash out and never deliver the goods (of cooler air). It’s for that reason, the gloves come off. Question becomes 93 or 94 for a high? Given that the European model has surged ahead with a double play of heat Sunday/Monday, it would appear that both days could top out near 94. Look at the run-to-run change in the mid-level temps across Texas:

That’s solidly in the warmer corner for next Monday, lending confidence in the 94F category. Moreover, members of the European model are all nudging the numbers in that range (fourth column of brown):

All low to mid-90s there.

Re-no Way

Getting antsy about the cold temperature projections for both Sunday and Monday in Reno? Take a number. Both the European & GFS are painting sub-forty degree temps for both mornings, with the Euro insisting on a temp in the low 30s!

Yes, that reads 35 and 34 for Sunday & Monday respectively. This isn’t March, folks. Too low in my book. Still seeing 44 Sunday and now 39/40 for Monday AM.

I Don’t Know, Idaho

Farther north, with that same cold shot swinging through Boise, the temperatures are also trending a bit too cold. Here though the clouds may be the reason for the milder-than-forecast temperatures. Some may be still around after the front slides by Sunday night, so that could keep the temp from free falling, Tom Petty. I’m aiming for a low around 40 – despite the models’ projections of 36-38 (as of this typing).

New Mexico Heat

Lots of the European model’s ensemble members “cool” Saturday’s highs into the mid-80s, but after further review, there’s no stopping this heat from Fri-Sun. Each and every day, the mid-level warmth is outrageously hot over New Mexico. I see 88/89/90 in play every flippin’ day that hot high pressure system sits over the Land of Enchantment.

Let this one bake in the sun.

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