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So…just how cold was that cold blast yesterday in the Great Basin?

Those tiny red and yellow dots are place markers for 10-19″ of snow – at 8,000 ft – in the Jarbidge Mountains.

Why is this important? Well, first it’s a testament to the cold punch that moved through the Northern Rockies. AND according to guidance, it appears the next shot will be colder.

So let’s get some cold trades.

Boise is the pick of the week – recall we had that earlier for the chilly Saturday morning. Now with the forecast coming into focus, the numbers seem to have settled around 39/40 degrees. Consensus in the models is always key, but the way this particular location is stacked, I’m recommending we bump it up one degree to 41. Even if we land at 39/40 it’s a money maker.


Let’s stay right there in the Boise River Valley for another chilly night Saturday night.

Low temps seem to be a bit more reasonable. Perhaps another sub-50 night, but is it 42 or 43 we settle for? Either is a good play, and the way this particular location is stacked, you have to hit the nail on the head or you will come away empty-handed.

For that reason, it may be wise to split the funds for each temperature. Even though the cool air settling in overhead for the weekend will slowly moderate (warm), the conditions on Sunday morning are ideal for radiational cooling. Moreover, highs on Saturday (also a good play at 59/60) will be cool for this time of year – by up to 15-20 degrees!

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