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New week, new pattern for the jet stream across the Northern Hemisphere.

One word comes to mind with all these blue and green jet streaks racing across the continent: action. Heavy rain has settled into Florida as a soaking-wet surface low brings too much of a good thing (rain) to the peninsula. Meantime, the low pressure systems – and attendant cool downs – are still lining up across the Pacific, destined for the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.

But amidst all this, there have to be some good trades, right?

I wouldn’t be typing this if there weren’t. So let’s get after it, shall we?

Boston Calling

Toasty air is sliding from the Great Lakes to the Northeast. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is day one. Friday is day four.

Or is it? Clouds will be approaching, and the models want to lower the temp:

Wut? Is that a high of 66 on Friday from the latest European model?

I call BO – GUS on those shenanigans. Maybe the low temp will be there, but unless the rain is pouring down, and the wind is directly onshore, we won’t be seeing that kind of chill in Beantown. GFS isn’t much better at 74. While the warmth from mid-week will be tempered a bit, it doesn’t appear to be totally squashed.

Closer inspection of the Euro ensemble members reveals a 90% chance of the high right around 80 degrees. With the potential still to even hit 81, it seems plausible to land there first, and adjust (if necessary) as we close in on the day.

Big Billings For Heat

A mountain of heat is heading for the Rockies late this week. The temps are going to soar under a big, hot ridge of high pressure.

(Look at the mini “hand” of heat reaching up through Wyoming.)

While both Saturday & Sunday look toasty, it seems that the heat peaks Sunday.

Notice “the hand” has grasped Eastern Montana. Paydirt for 90+ on that day. Saturday, on the other hand, seems to have settled in the low/mid 80s. At this point, it seems wise to sit at 84 and ride it all the way up to 87 for solid profit. Sunday seems best at 91 or 92, but you have to hit the number on the head to profit. Perhaps take one then adjust as we get closer to the weekend.

Mile High Temps

Let’s follow that bubble of hot air for Monday, shall we? Yep, it slides right into Denver for a run at 90 degrees. Even this far out, it seems the models are locked in on 89/90 for a high temp – which is saying a lot at this particular elevation – at this long lead time.

Safe bet we’re at least 90 for Monday. Record stands at 96 for the date, so this isn’t a crazy idea. Always can adjust if necessary later in the week, but I suspect this is a good starting point.

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