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By May 29, 2020 No Comments

It’s been a rough road to a summer pattern across the Lower 48. Compound that with the cool shot coming early next week in the Northeast:

Those are the low temps on Monday morning. Flat-out brr kind of cold for the first day of June.

So, this invites the question, what about low temps in Burlington and Boston?

I’m so glad you asked! Well, this is the tricky part of forecasting weather in New England. The coldest mornings will be different in both locations. For Burlington, it’s Monday morning. For Boston, it’s Tuesday morning. It’s all about high pressure placement and wind speed.

Here you see that Burlington is right near the center of high pressure (over the Adirondacks), while Boston still has a breeze and is just on the edge of the high pressure system on Monday morning.

The difference is Burlington could expect a low near 43 (take it and make $ all the way to 42), while Boston only bottoms out at 49/50.

The next morning (Tuesday), Boston will be under the high, while Burlington is on the edge of the high.

So the shoe’s on the other foot for this particular morning. We should see 47 in Burlington (still plenty cool) and 48 in Boston.

I know no one’s jumped in on the abnormally cool temps for Monday & Tuesday in the northeast, but it’s noteworthy cool air here. And some pretty trustworthy weather tricks could help us nail the high temp for both days in Boston in particular. Chilly temps in the mid-levels of the atmosphere mean that the high temp will be capped at 63 for Monday in both locations.

Ain’t weather cool? Have a safe weekend.

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