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As we all wait for the newly developed tropical depression to strengthen into Cristobal later this week the Bay of Campeche,

the Lower 48 goes through the rites of early summer.

Chilly air exits the Northeast early this week, but hot temps take the back seat for the time being. Not so for locations in the Midwest. Surging heat will spike the temp to 90 in places like St. Louis and Omaha on Tuesday, but then slump back to the low 80s Wednesday as the focus shifts back to the Southwest later in the week.

It’s there that a cut off storm coming into Southern California sends the hot desert air north to Colorado and Utah.

No one’s jumping into the hot fray for either Salt Lake City or Denver, but let me make the argument for each.

BOTH Salt Lake City and Denver have a greater than 90% chance of topping 90 on Friday:

Specifically speaking, I’m in the 92 degree range for both locations as the heat peaks ahead of a cool front. Thunder could erupt in Salt Lake thanks to the arrival of the front and the pool of cool air (worthy of a trace there). And then another shot in Denver Saturday for thunder (worthy of another trace).

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