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As meteorological summer rolls on, the pattern remains largely unchanged.

Cool intrusions – with surprise snow in the Northern Rockies – still swing through the West, while the East occasionally warms and the Northeast sees a growing threat for drought.

To the forecast!

Motown Is Down

Cool shot of air sweeping into the Great Lakes late this week. 60s spread through Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Saginaw. Just putting it out there for consideration….although they don’t seem to be hot-beds for trade activity at this time.

Big Sky High

In any event, the other side of the country is heating up – albeit briefly. Billings has a flurry of activity, but we’re not talking snow. We’re talking the potential for 90 or better!

This location yields a pretty simple strategy. Plant your greenbacks right at 90 and ride the profits all the way to 93. Doesn’t get much easier than that. The 90% probability of 90 or better is holding sway all through southeast Montana Saturday afternoon:

Mile High Meltdown

Moseying down to Denver on Sunday, the signals are equally strong for a 90 degree day. And why not? The heat from the Great Basin and Montana is chugging east. Here too, the probabilities are high for topping 90 in the afternoon.

Here too, you can plop your money on 90 and ride profit all the way to 92.

Some great trades on sound meteorological footing this weekend.

Un-Spokane Word

The Northwest has had a hard summer. Although still early in the month, the average high temps have been 4-6 degrees below normal for the cherry and apple state of Washington (bing cherry crop is outta sight this year…but trees are fighting a virus of their own)

So what to do about the cold in the forecast Monday morning? Take a trade!

Spokane seems like a good place to settle for the mid-40s. Forecasts revolve around the 46 degree mark, but it could certainly slump to 45. In fact, out of the 52 ensemble members, 80-90% settle on 45.

Profitable returns at that value, so who are we to argue??

Weather well,



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