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Heat surges across North America seem to be all the rage in early summer. While they aren’t long-standing, they are just enough to spike the temps in some spots to record-setting levels. It’s also interesting how the pattern has been repeating since early May. Once again the heat builds in the Plains this week, then swings over to the Northeast under what we meteorologists call a Rex Block.

Now compare that to the pattern in the East.

The red/blue colors correspond to the anomalies in the upper atmosphere. The reddish area in the Northeast is the “H” in the first image, while the blue in the Southeast is the “L”. In the warm season, it can be (somewhat of) a proxy for surface temperatures too.

Which leads us to our next topic: the high temperatures in New England late this week. We’ve already seen three days of 90+ in the Champlain Valley this summer. How about days 4, 5 & 6 this week? Take this one and run people. With the pattern due to repeat, and the upper atmosphere primed, Burlington is going to sizzle.

Projections from the European model pin 92/93 on both Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the odds in the 90th percentile!

While we’re at it, we might as well scoop up the likes of Manch-Vegas (Manchester, NH) – although no one else seems to have an appetite for the heat in that particular location.

Before the heat gets to New England, it has to run through the Great Lakes. It’s Detroit that’s captured many hearts and minds for Thursday. Projected high temps run anywhere from 84-89. Closer inspection of the European model shows a high of 87/88 for the day. I’m leaning on the hotter end of the spectrum with the forecasts. 87 seems like a good position to hold, with an eye to 88 for the actual temp.

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