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By June 17, 2020 No Comments

Two themes have been capturing the weather world’s attention in the past few days: the unusually chilly temps in the Southeast (umm….50s?) and the blazing heat in the Plains (and soon to be New England). Anomalies in both regions are running 15-20 deg. from normal.

Our Rex Block is to blame for both, and it means opportunities are afoot in the next couple of days. So…let’s time to head to Beantown as they swing into the 80s in the next two days.

Friday’s high has been wavering between 83 and 86 for the last two days. Now it’s time to fish or cut bait. With the surrounding communities climbing into the 90+ range west/northwest of the city, it wouldn’t take much to justify the mid-80s. The latest European model from this morning pins the high at 89! While that may work on Boston Common, we’re talking Logan Airport here. So, there’s more reason to sit at 85 with an eye to 86 for the high temp.

Saturday doubles down on the heat with the European model. Highs range from 88-90 as the heat peaks in Southern New England. No reason to belabor the point. A position at 88 should work just fine as the southwest wind carries the (toasty) goods. Even a position at 87 gives enough leeway to profit to 90. I like the sound of that prospect even more.

Now over to the other Logan Airport….in Billings, Montana. Here’s where we move to the opposite pattern and chill out in the 50s – for overnight lows. Time/day in question is morning on Saturday in the wake of a pushy batch of cool air.

At this kind of lead time, it’s wise to consult the ensemble members of the European model. They distinctly show the coolest day falling on Friday, with a semi-recovery on Saturday morning. If that sounds like a tricky forecast, it is.

Certainly some clouds will remain from Friday night as a vigorous weather system moves through Winnipeg. We’re not talking a lot, but enough to put the kibosh on lows in the 40s. It’s here that we may be safe putting our money on 51/52 and letting it ride. Clearly not a location for the faint-of-heart trader.

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